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Why are all white American pit bulls not encouraged?

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I own an all white pitbull and she is an absolute angel. She has been bit 5 times and she has never retaliated. Instead she just walked away. So I feel it is not accurate or fair to say white pitbulls are more likely to be hostile. Pitbulls have a bad rep and it is so sad because they are so misunderstood. A lot of people fear them because they are naive about the breed. We as humans tend to fear what we do not understand. Well it is said that white means they have been inbred somewhere in the line. Now I don't know if that is actually true but that is the general answer. Answer Well it is said that if they are more dominantly white then there has been inbreeding somewhere along the line of that pit bull. In most instances the general consensus is also that they are more hostile as well. Now I don't know personally if either of these are true but it is what I have been told. I don't have the experience first hand as my pit is brindle. i have a white pit and a blue pit they came out of the same letter and the havent been inbreed at all... the bloodline has been on my grandfathers farm the last 67 years... its just a color in the dog Answer:
Whoa, inbreeding? No, the reason why all white pit bulls are not encouraged is because they, like most solid white dogs, can be deaf and/or blind. Some people breed all white dogs that have little pigment, and the puppies, that seem 'so quiet and gentle, or independent' are really blind and deaf.
Breeding white pit bulls is fine, and they are showable, only if they are titled, CERF & BAER screened. There are some dogs that are white, and are not deaf or blind, but testing is vital. Answer: The color of a pitbull is no indication that he will be better or worse than another. The only thing you need to be careful with white pits is their skin sensitivity. For more info visit: www.pitbull-info-and-training.com/white-pitbulls.html