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How does an animal survive?

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Animals survive through instinct and living in the natural environment that evolution has designed them for. When animals are born into their natural habitat, they are born with natural instincts inherited from their species that can be compared to the programming of a computer when you buy it (in this case when their born) that directs their actions for what they need to do to survive. Some creatures are left on their own to do this and some have their parent available to guide them and show them the techniques they need to survive. Sea turtles lay their eggs in pits dug on a beach and leave them to survive on their own. When the eggs hatch, the babies already have the instinct to dig out of their pit, crawl to the water and swim. Baby eagles or baby lions have instincts to fly or run and hunt but while they are maturing, they watch their parents to learn the tricks to being successful. Many types of creatures, like the sea turtles, need no example or instruction to survive and some need nurturing and training by parents but they are all born with the instincts that will take them into adulthood to reproduce themselves.