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How do you improve your barrel racing times?

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Well im a begainer too but I've had many seggestions. First you can run your horse twards a barrel slow him down to a slow lope and lope around the barrel. Second you have to teach your horse the pattern well enough to know what to do. Teach your horse when to slow down, speed up, and stop. If your horse does not stop well then after you pass the eyes then slow him down as much as you can, then turn him in a complete circle, this will force him to slow down. I hope this answeredyour question. Do alot of slow work get their mind in a solid state before you just start running them at these barrels make sur ethey KNOW the pattern. get your horse moving off of your legs and make sure your horse has a soft mouth. do alot of circles and maybe do some clinics or send or horse off to training.
WHAT ever you do DO NOT just keep runinng your horse and runinng your horse YOU WILL ruin them!

 well everything that they said ^^^ was good, but make sure when your going to the barrel that you never look at the barrel, look where you want your horse to be (a couple feet away from the barrel) lift your rein to make your horse lift their shoulder. kick with the outside leg around the barrel.  howrse:  --Barrel Racer 56  horse isle:  RodeoWithRio on dun server