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What are all the different colors of the various species of horses?

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Horse Haircolor
  • bay- reddish-brown w/ a brown mane and tail

  • dun- half white, half brown w/ white mane and brown tail

  • black- black w/ a black mane and tail

  • white- white w/ white skin all-over and a white mane and tail

  • grey- greyw/ a grey, white, or black mane and tail

  • palamino- blonde w/ a blonde mane and tail

  • chestnut- dark brown w/ a dark brown mane and tail

  • pinto- dark grey w/ blanket of light grey spots on butt w/ light grey mane and tail

  • Strawberry roan- red and white mixed w/ white or red mane and tail

  • Blue roan- blue nd white mixed w/ white or blue-ish mane and tail

  • dappled grey- grey w/ blanket of black or dark grey spots on butt w/ grey mane and tail

  • brown- brown (light or dark) w/ brown (opposite shade) mane and tail
  • Patterns, there are painted, and flea-bitten...that's all I know of.
    Chestnut, Bay, Black, Brown, Grey, Dun, Sorrel, Palomino, Red Dun, Strawberry Roan Blue Roan, Dapple Grey, Fleebitten Grey, Steel Grey, Taffy and so many other colours.