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What are the work environment hazards for a vet?

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Vet's usually don't have to worry about hazards like Vet Techs do, because they simply are the ones who work on diagnosing a animal where as Vet Tech are the ones who take care of the animal while the Vet tries to figure out what's wrong with the animal, but they both have to deal with animals that could bite them or scratch them. There is always a risk of getting ring worm from an animal, if there is skin contact with the fungus.
They both also have to work with slides to look at blood samples on them, and there is always a risk of dropping one. A Vet Tech or Vet could try picking this slide up, (and is probably broken, which is stupid to do so without a wet rag) and end up cutting themselves from the broken glass. Another hazard could be just working with the needles. If not used properly a Vet or Vet Tech can be poked by one, or become injured or even worse, become infected by the used needle.