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What animal attaches to other animals and feeds on it?

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Answer:Ticks are parasites that feeds off other animals.  Answer:The anglerfish is also a well-documented example of an animal attaching itself to another and feeding on it. The female anglerfish is larger and healthier-looking (appearing to be what most people would recognize as an anglerfish), with the tell-tale bioluminescent lure extending from their heads. The males lack most of these features and are small and grey-coloured. The males must locate a female (using pheromones she emits that they are designed to be attracted to) and must attach themselves to her underside using a special set of teeth. If they do not do this within a few months, they starve to death, as they generally do not eat for themselves. The male, within a short period of time, becomes fused to the females underbelly. From her he receives his nutrition and from him she receives a steady supply of sperm, and they exist in a symbiotic relationship that mutually benefits them.  Answer:There is a huge spider in the Middle East that attaches to the stomach of a camel and eats...many military guys come back talking about it and it makes the sound of a baby crying....