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How do you take care of ten cats?

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Well, for starters, if you have 10 cats, you're probably considered a "crazy cat lady." (or man)
Taking care of 10 cats is real simple. All you need is TONS of space, LOTS of food, A gigantic littler box, and LOTS of time to clean it. That's just the standards to keep them alive though. You also want them to be happy, right?
Spend time with them, let them have a variety of indoor and outdoor life, make sure they are always looking their best, (so brush them if you can. In the summer they shed like CRAZY!!) And i'de also sugest that if you own 10 cats, you should live out in the country on a big property with no trafic.
In the summer, they wouldn't even have to sleep inside. It's warm out, (they have fur) they'll catch mice, climb trees, chase birds, have a blast. (Take it from someone who knows) Also, again with all the hair. In the summer if they stayed outside, the hair would STAY outside.
Well, I really hope this helped and tryed to answer this best I can.