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How do you take care of a pet starfish?

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Starfish are amazing creatures and have a unique appearance that makes them perfect to go into an aquarium. They are compatible with most fish species and would look great in the fish tank. Most species of starfish are relatively easy to care for on a regular basis. They are fascinating creatures to watch as their unusual behavior makes it interesting to see. The Turtle BookA Wonderful Care Guide For Anyone With A Pet Turtle Or Terrapin!PetTurtle.info
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Phibro Animal HealthA Global Leader in Animal Health & Nutritionwww.phibroah.com Did you know? When a starfish looses a limb in the wild from a predator trying to eat it, the starfish can grow back its limb. It is common in the wild to see a starfish with 6 or more limbs as two limbs can take the place of the missing one. As with every pet that you have they require care attention; and you must be willing to take this responsibility on before you buy the pet. The average size of the starfish often depends on its species. The blue starfish can grow up to 12 inches on each of its legs. Diet
A starfish needs to be feed daily or weekly depending on the species of starfish. It is important to make sure that when you buy the starfish you ask how often the starfish needs to be feed. Many species of starfish are carnivores and depending on the specific species you can feed a starfish frozen foods. However take care not to over feed the starfish as they do not have a very high metabolism rate and will not be able to burn the calories off fast. Also it is a good idea to vary the starfish's diet keep to stay healthy. Housing
Depending on the species of starfish that you buy, you will need to buy an aquarium that will be suitable for the starfish. It is important to ask the person who you are buying from the size of the aquarium that will suit the starfish and make a comfortable home.
You will need to fit the aquarium with full spectrum lighting and strong filtrations are essential to keep your starfish happy and content. The temperature of the water should be kept around 72 degrees Fahrenheit to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. It is vital that you keep the water levels, temperature and pH levels suitable for your starfish as it can have immediate impact on the health of the fish. Behavior
If your starfish will be having company with other species of fish it is important to ask the buyer if the starfish will be okay with the inmates. Daily Maintenance
Once your starfish has settled down in its new home make sure that you check the filter daily. Also check the temperature of the water and any other equipment in the tank.
You will also need to change 10-25% of the total volume of water once every two to four weeks. Finally make sure that it is not too crowded in the tank as this may cause the starfish stress and disease.