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Is it right OR wrong to use animals for research?

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It is dead wrong to use animals in research of any kind. Just think how you would feel if someone did the same thing to you.  It's really a moral question, which is unanswerable according to the standards of this website. Most people will agree that animal testing is a truly unpleasant thing to do to otherwise innocent creatures.

 What these people are doing is checking out to see if they can add another, strawberry smelling hair shampoo without it stinging people's eyes. That's exactly what they do. But they don't try it on humans, oh no they don't! They take rabbits who have good eyesight like us if I am correct and put the soap in their eyes to see what happens. Depending on the action they label it with saying it does sting or not. Medicine as well! How do you think your maybe antibiotics got to cure you? They all had to be tested! Thousands of animals die because of cosmetic beauty products.

All this suffering of these poor innocent creatures just to add another strawberry shampoo to soap shelf?