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Which animals end with the letter I?

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Acouchi - a rodent from South America.
Agouti - a rabbit sized rodent from Central and South America.
Ankole-watusi - a type of cattle from Africa.
Argali - a wild mountain sheep of Central Asia.
Baiji - a dolphin of China.
Coati - a mammal related to the raccoon.
Coqui - a frog from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
Hoki - a fish from Australia and New Zealand.
Kakariki - a bird from New Zealand.
Kiwi - a flightless bird from New Zealand.
Koi - a fish from Japan and East Asia.
Okapi - an animal that resembles a giraffe and is from Central Africa.
Uakari - a monkey from South America.
Watusi - a type of cow from Africa.
Yeti - a mysterious animal from Himalaya.