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Can raw meat be eaten by humans?

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Human teeth and digestive systems are not designed to eat meat what to talk of RAW MEAT. It was and has been practiced only to eat meat when no other kind of food was or is available. Mother Earth and Nature provide enough food and of SO MUCH VARIETY for human beings to eat, relish, enjoy and stay healthy. The rest is all self designed by the individualist minds. only if you live in a trailer park.....
I disagree with this
You should not eat raw meat you buy at the grocery store that is not processed for raw consumption. Especially poultry and ground meats are to be avoided as the danger of bacterial contamination and food poisoning is high. Nor do I recommend eating raw meat you prepare yourself.

But raw beef is served as high class cuisine in many restaurants, and if you go to a reputable place you can eat raw meat, just be prepared, as it is pricey.
Beef carpaccio, Tartare, tataki, blue rare steak are common ways of serving expensive cuts of steak raw or sometimes venison

As well seafood sushi often served raw fish.

Traditional Inuit groups in Northern Canada used to eat raw organs as cooking required fuel and heat, and raw organs contained necessary vitamins, as well as being easier to digest.