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What is the world's most poisonous animal?

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For its size the most poisonous animal in the world is the marine cone snail. It lives in the indian and pacific oceans near australia, and after it shoots its poisonous detachable harpoon at you, you will die in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette.
The tiny South American 'poison arrow frogs' produce lethal poison on their skin. Other candidates for most poisonous would be the box jellyfish, the marbled-cone snail, and the Brazilian wandering spider.

There are many poisonous / venomous animals, which depending on the dose could prove injurious or fatal to humans. They include:
- Blue-ringed octopus
- Sea snakes such as the yellow-bellied sea snake
- Snakes such as the black snake, rattle-snake, cobras, and mambas
- Fish such as scorpion fish, puffer fish, and stonefish
- Jellyfish such as the Portuguese man-o-war
- Spiders such as the black widow and brown recluse
- Mexican beaded lizard
- Scorpions
- African bees
- Lonomia moth (caterpillars)
- even the male platypus

The poison arrow frog and certain salamanders would have to top most people's list of "The World's Most Poisonous Animals." - Two micrograms of toxin from the poison arrow frog is enough to kill a human. A "microgram" is a very small amount. The ink in the period at the end of this sentence (if it were printed) will weigh around six micrograms.

* Phyllobates terribillis, otherwise known as the Golden Dart Frog, is the the most toxic of all the Poison Dart Frogs: while most of these toxic frogs use tetrodotoxin, the Golden Dart Frog uses batrachotoxin, a toxin eleven-times more potent than Hydrogen Sulfite.
Probably the tiny jellyfish realted to the box jelly called Irukandji. They are so small you really can't see them in the water under normal conditions. And if you make contact with them, your symptoms don't present until later - when the poison is making its way through your bloodstream. Pound for pound, there is almost certainly nothing more deadly than this little guy. Wikipedia has more information, and in the best tradition of Wikianswers, we've already provided a link for you.

The Golden poison dart frogthe most piousness animal in the world is the box-jelly fish
the most poisonus animal on earth is the GOLDEN POISON DART FROG.

Actually marine snakes are vastly more poisonous but the most poisonous
animal is difficult to determine. Do you mean if eaten by you or if it bites you.