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Who does saskue like?

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saskue like sakura obiously!!! it might seem ockward but he does! Saskue doesn't pay attention to her because he likes her!! he dose not want to show his feelings!

well he doesn't really LIKE her i think he would ONLY show her his speacail feelings to her because she was a teammate to him and even though she was a LOT annoying he still cared for her that's why in all of theses naruto and naruto shippuden shows out of ALL of theese episodes in episode 109 that was the ONLY time saskue showed his feelings to her in a cheesy way he said 'thank u'(i was like...) wow!big woop i thought he'd at least hug her or somnthing, jezz its not the god dam 50's but anyway to answer you question NO! he dose not like her only as a friend