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What do different animals symbolize?

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People keep adding to this list cause it sure ain't' complete!
Bat - fear, death, darkness. (Dunno why, they're cuties.)
Cat - Sacred to ancient Egyptians. Black cats traditionally call about superstitions. Cats sometimes associated with witchcraft.
Toad - Associated with witchcraft.
Dog - Friendship, loyalty. Sometimes dirtiness.
Pig - Sometimes dirtiness. (they're shy creatures.)
Horse - transport, intelligence, long history with humans.
Insects - sometimes dirtiness. (meanie.)
Spider - Sometimes dirtiness. Fear, creepiness, hauntedness.
Cow - Sacred to Buddhists. (not really)
Sheep - stupidity (how mean!)
Mule - obstinance and stubbornness
Goat - stubbornness
Rat - dirtiness, disease
Cockroach - dirtiness, disease
Mouse - hunger
Lion - bravery, greatness
Wolf - fear, bravery, evil
bear - knowledge
fox - cunning
Phoenix: Power, bravery, freedom, beauty, leadership
alligator - aggression, survival, adaptability
beaver - builder, gatherer

and that's all i know! apart from flies and fleas denote irrittableness..wonder why! x