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What is El chupanebre?

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El Chupanebre is a character played by Lawrence S. Holloway (also known as 'The Block, Blocko and more famously Lots Of Runs-O') alongside Karl Lewis as 'The Slug/Sluggo' Luke Holloway as 'Lawrence's Brother' James Gilbert as 'Alien Head' Johnathan Gaunt as 'JJ' & Mark Hughes as 'Marky-Marky'. In a sitcom called Simons Sluggorama based in Autocraft which was a bodyshop that the characters worked at.
There were also several other secondary characters which featured heavily in the show, such as: Steve pugh & Beady Eyes(these were the main antagonists to the boys whose constant irritations and critisism of the boys work, caused tension, eventually leading to pranks and taunts for which the boys constantly came into trouble for! One of the taunts, which later famously became the shows main catchphrase was: Beeeeeadyyy Eyeeeeees!!! Usually shouted at the top of ones voice out of the oven doors!
Also Mark Woodward, Martin Morgan Barrie & Byron Thomas and of course the ever mismatched couple Wyn and Alan! 'Oi Wyn come an av a look at this!' made many appearances during the shows several seasons which aired between 2001-2007.It was based in the small coastal town of Aberystwyth in west Wales.
The series follows the character El Chupanebre in his day to day workings as a Paint Sprayer in Simons Sluggorama.