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Your head is stuck in the toilet what do you do?

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Whatever you do, don't flush.
well, first things first.how in the world are u writing this question if your head is stuck in the toilet? do u have an emergency laptop put in your toilet for those needy moments?and, how did you get ur head stuck in the toilet? i mean, u set up an emergency laptop, but u don't have and emergency head un......uh......sticker? so, now i go back to my previos question, how did u manage to get your head stuck in the freaking toilet?i mean really, what, were you in the shower when a comet hit your shower floor, sending you rocketing into the air? and u just so happened to ;and in the toilet? or were u just curious after going to the bathroom and wanted to see where ur poop travels? well, anyway, ur lucky like people like me come alond to help u find a way to get your head unstuck. These directions are very simple, just call a plumber, he'll get ur sorry but out of there, i mean, u have an emergency laptop. why wouldn't you have an emergency phone?