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My pomchi ate two cooked rib bones after eating them she was in a sitting position and as she attempted to get up she had difficulty balancing an she was trembling?

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Dogs should NEVER be fed or let near beef, lamb, chicken bones because our meats today are not matured properly as they use to be. Most beef, lamb and chickens are force fed, given hormones and antibiotics thus, one can see that the bones are smaller and not as dense and easily splintered by any breed of dog. The only good bones are beef or lamb that are called 'Free Range' and this means the animals has been able to graze as normal with no help from hormones, but, of course they do need antibiotics. The animals mature to the length of time needed before butchering like the good old days. These bones are stronger, but, even at that an owner should never leave a dog alone eating a bone. Bones should be boiled or steamed (getting the fat out) and not fed to the dog raw. The bones should be thick and not thin. It sounds as if your dog has a bone lodged somewhere in it's stomach or intestinal tract and it's IMPORTANT YOU TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY! The vet will feel around first, then possibly do x-rays. This is MOST IMPORTANT because a bone lodged in the stomach or intestine can perforate either. DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOUR DOG TRIES TO PASS THE BONE NATURALLY! GET TO THE VETS!