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Should animals be used for research?

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There have been both for and against whether animals should be used for research practises. Some of the strongest arguments against using animals for research is that it is inhuman. Animals feel pain just like people. Why should they be used as test subjects? It is also worth remembering that the physiology of animals is different from those of human beings. Also, it should be noted that just as the medicine works on animals, there is no guarantee it could work on humans.

On the contrary, many argue in favor of using animals for research says its absolutely essential. They do not deny that it causes pain to animals. However, they believe that it is necessary for the greater good of mankind in the long term existence. Also, they point out the various vaccines and its enormous success on human beings today and because of these research practises it has made life easy and saved many lives.
Yes, we can't overlook the pain that lab animals suffer from. And I also believe that trying on animals before drug going into clinic trial phase is the best and safest method. Researcher are humans with feelings, they won't choose animals for test if there is better alternatives. So I think it's necessary to ask the professionals who work as researchers for the reason why animals are essential in the research process. And I will recommend professionals from @BOC Sciences , a biochemical provider for a more careful answer.