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What are the common indications that a horse is bored?

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When a horse is bored, he/she will find ways to amuse him/herself so in the stable they may develop habits such as cradle rocking (swinging the head from side to side) or crib biting (continuing to bite on a surface - usually wood). The horse also may because aggressive and bite/kick through boredom. For stabled horses, it's best to have a constant supply of food, a toy and frequent riding. If there is a pasture available, make sure the horse gets time to spend outside, as it is natural for a horse to be outside and they will feel a lot better.

In the pasture, crib biting is also fairly common but horses who live in a herd outside are less likely to become bored than a stabled horse, unless the horse has been ignored for a long period of time or is in a field too small..

When riding, horses show boredom through laziness, bit biting, refusing to do what's asked and generally being nonreactive to tasks asked. It's best to include many different things while riding to add fun to the ride and make it more interesting for them, similar to humans.