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What is the physical geography of United Kingdom?

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The physical geography of the United Kingdom consists of hilly and grassy landscapes. Expect to see a lot of grassy hills, and Victorian era castles in the country sides. The roads have to snake around hills and valleys while trains mostly go through tunnels to cut through the hills.
+++ Victorian-era "castles" (actually homes) are not physical-geography entities, and there are not many of them dotted around the countryside. Most of the large English country, or "stately", homes are older than that, and very few even resemble castles!
The physical geography is arguably the most varied in the world for the same land area - far more than just "hilly and grassy". Nor do the trains "mostly" go through tunnels - tunnels are expensive to cut so were built only where absolutely necessary, e.g. to run under the cols or upper ridges between the heads of the valleys utilised by the lines as their main routes through hill ranges.