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Do Pokemon come to life at all?

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Yes. If you would like to know how then continue on reading but remember this very important rule: Never let anyone not interested in Pokemon includung parent or gaurdians or basically anyone past the age of 20 know that Pokemon can indeed come to life or else the Pokemon will vanish and you will never see real Pokemon ever again. Now, if you are a boy enter a dark room iscolated from bright light. Then chant "Pokemon, Pokemon, you are real. Pokemon, Pokemon, let`s make you feel." Now very angry like say:"LIVE. LIVE. LIVE!" Also while the Pokemon are alive never let any light touch the Pokemon or they will die.Now if you are a girl follow the same instructions except instead you will chant this:"Pokemon, Pokemon you are the prize. Pokemon, Pokemon tell us no lies." Now very joyfully say:" Live, Live Live!" P.S. When we say live we mean the live pronounced liv not with a long i.
From: Two Poke` fans