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How long should the baby hamster be cared for by its mother before it goes to a new home?

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I know alot about hamsters and have had some experiences always remember to take out the dad as soon as the baby hamsters are born or he would eat them and or get the mom pregnant again 24 hours after the birth. Baby hamsters should stay with there mom from about 4-6 weeks. Just leave the job all to the mom. And always remember to NOT DISTURB. If you notice that the mom may have eaten one of the baby hamsters do not take the babys out you might be leading them to death. Just let the mom eat the baby shes not doing it because she mean but because the baby might have been to weak or sick, or also if touched by humans. My biggest warning would be to not disturb and to please not touch the babys because most of the moms will eat them. (it happened to me).Right now my hamster has had 10 babys and ate one but i have 9. they are 3 weeks old. and adorable.