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Who is noli de Castro before he entered politics?

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De Castro began his career as a broadcaster during the Marcos dictatorship, when press freedoms were suppressed. He worked as a field reporter for Johnny de Leon, a popular radio announcer at the time. He later became a radio announcer in RPN's DWWW station from 1982 to 1986.

After the ouster of Marcos, de Castro joined ABS-CBN. He got his break into television as the segment host of Good Morning, Philippines' "At your Service". He also joined dzMM, a radio station of ABS-CBN, as the anchorman of "Kabayan". It was because of the popularity of the program that he gained the nickname "Kabayan Noli".

In 1987, De Castro became host of "Magandang Gabi, Bayan" (Good Evening, Nation) and anchorman of the news and public affairs hit, "TV Patrol". In January 1999, he became overall head of production of "TV Patrol" and vice president of dzMM.