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Can you give me information about any 5 migratory animals?

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1. Grey Whale: These migrate for appropriate breeding conditions. Originating in arctic these whales do a 10.000 km journey to the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. By spring time the baby whale calves are strong enough to go back to arctic.
2. Mexican free tailed bats: Mostly female migrate in spring from Mexico to Texas. Their babies called pups hang from walls while mother hunt for insects. The young bats fly quickly to return to Mexico. Following spring, young bats migrate to north to have their own babies.
3. Sand hill cranes migrate annually, summer to winter. They begin in the southern United States and move to northern Canada, Alaska, or Siberia. At the Platte River in Nebraska, these birds rest and feed on the plentiful corn left in the fields. When they finally reach Alaska or Siberia, the females lay their eggs. The baby colts are ready to migrate south again with the adults in the autumn.
4. Monarch butterflies: East of the Rockies, they migrate as far south to mountainous Mexico. West of the Rockies, their destination is near the Monterey Bay, California. Here the butterflies find warmth for the winter in eucalyptus and pine trees where they wait until spring. New generations of butterflies find their way each year. As the weather warms, the monarch butterflies fly north to eat and lay eggs on the poisonous milkweed plant, safe from predators.
5. Sockeye salmon migrate twice in their beginning and at the end. As they travel from the Pacific to rivers flowing into it, sockeyes turn bright red, indicating they are ready to spawn. They swim upstream to calm waters where the eggs are ready to be fertilized. Male salmon are exhausted after their excursion and they quickly die. Given another year or so, salmon fry will migrate downstream and repeat the cycle