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How do people become animals?

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You can't become one because you are already one. The human's phylum is Chordata (vertebrate). The human's class is mammalia. It's order is primate (the same as apes). It's family is Hominidae (apes that have no tail and can gather food with their hands.) The Human's sub-family is Homininae. It's tribe is Hominini. It's genus is Homo and it's specie is scientifically named Homo Sapiens.

We have much more in common with other animals than we think. Like us, some animals can make tools. The only difference is that humans began to use fire. Comparing the intelligence of humans and other animals is not logical however, as we all think in such different ways. Would you compare a whale's intelligence to a human? No, because we can't get inside the whale's mind, and thus cannot know how it thinks.