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What animals live in the rainforest?

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Alaligators, anacondas, ants, bats, assassin bug, binturong, quite a variety of birds, bonobo, caimans, capybaras, cassowaries, caterpillars, chimpanzees, chlamydosaurus, crocodiles, cuckoos, dragon flies, emerald tree boas, frilled lizards, poison arrow frogs, gibbons, gorillas, greater apes, green iguanas, howler monkeys, quite a variety of insects, jaguars, lesser apes, monarch butterflies, morpho butterflies, moths, mice, ocelots, orangutans, owls, piranhas, queen Alexander's birdwings, quetzals, red-eyed tree frog, rats, Saturn butterflies, serval (that's a type of cat), siamang, sloths, snakes, swallow tail butterflies, tarsiers, tigers, toads, toucans, and turtles.

Poison Arrow Frogs, Orangutans, Blue Morpho Butterflies, sometimes tigers.

People also live in the rainforest though they are losing their homes along with various animals.

The animals that live in the rain forest are monkeys, sloths, toucans, snakes, capybaras, parrots, macaws, budgies, vultures and please access the related link below for more info: