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Three main eating habits of animals?

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There are 3 main eating habits of all animals. Animals that eat only plants, grass, leaves etc. are called "herbivorous animals". Examples of these would be cows, horses, goats etc in the domestic scene and deer, zebras, girraffes etc in the wild.

Animals that eat only other animals are called "carnivorous animals". Examples of these would be lions, tigers, snakes etc. You won't find many tamed carnivorous animals buts cats & dogs prefer to eat meat rather than leaves.
That leads us to the group of animals that like to eat both plants and animals. Infact some of them like the rat, can eat almost anything. This group of animals are called "omnivorous animals". Most humans are omnivorous, though there are some who will eat only plant life and avoid eating even eggs, fish and milk because of religious or ethnic reasons. Some have made personal choices to eat only vegetarian food because they understand that the human body is best suited for vegetarian food and finds it comparatively difficult to digest meat.