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What is the most intelligent animal?

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The ten most intelligent animals are the following:
  1. Human
  2. Dolphin (many of the approximately eighty species)
  3. Chimpanzee (two species)
  4. Gorilla
  5. Orangutan
  6. Baboon (seven species, including drill and mandrill)
  7. Gibbon (seven species)
  8. Monkey (many species, especially the macaques, the patas, and the Celebes black ape)
  9. Smaller-toothed whale (several species, especially killer whale
  10. Elephant
  11. Pig

Humans are the most intelligent animals, by far.

Dolphins, Great Apes, Elephants, Parrots, and Crows are about tied for second place.
Dolphins or a Monkey