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What animal makes the loudest sound in the world?

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the loudest animal in the world is the sperm whale which produces a sound (CLICK) to communicate with other whales. this click is louder than a thunderclap, but since they live underwater we don't hear their click.

Correction: The question was: What is the loudest animal on Earth?

The correct answer is: Blue Whale ++++
How loud is a thunderclap, and what is the whale's calling Sound Pressure Level and Power though, assuming the same distance attenuation for both? Many echo-locating bats can call at extraordinarily high SPLs - I believe there is one South American species that can produce an SPL of up to 120dB re 20µPa - although as bats are small animals the call power is very low. It's true that you won't normally hear an underwater animal's call, because the sound is reflected back down from the water surface. They are recorded using hydrophones (underwater microphones).