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Personal qualities and abilities needed for success for a vet?

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you have to love all sorts of animals and cant be afraid of any . because you will never know what somone might bring in next. So genarly just love animals and you can be a good vet.
~ Actually, coming from a student in the field, I'd beg to differ. We hear quite a bit of "we love animals," but those are some of the first people that don't make it through the programs unless you have other skills. Here's what it takes to become a sucessful Veterinarian:
About four years of intense science classes in your undergraduate years folloed by a rigerous four year doctorate program in one of 28 schools in the United States. You have to be VERY good in the chemistry and biology fields because you're going to use these skills daily in practice. Every illness or regular body process is a combination of Biochemistry, Physiology, or Microbiology. Think of these areas.
A tremendious amount of practice. Most schools won't even consider you for a DVM program with less than 500 hours of observation/internships under a variety of veterinarians. Once you get through Vet school, it's really hard to diagnose anything if you haven't seen it before. So, really, practice makes experience and experience makes a better professional.
Add in a genuine love for animals, a wanting to improve the well-being and quality of life, an interest in the medical professions as a whole (Veterinary Public Health is a field growing by leaps and bounds), a professional and ethical standpoint, empathy, and good communication skills. Toss in a pinch of practicality and common sense, and there you go. Isn't that what you'd want in a Veterinarian?